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The set of "Grounded" at InterAct Theatre Company.
The set of “Grounded” at InterAct Theatre Company.

The election is over, and I’ve gone through the appropriate grieving period, and now I think I’m ready to blog again.  God, that sounds pathetic.  Not untrue, mind you, but pretty pathetic.  In any case, I didn’t feel like subjecting anyone to the spiders in my brain, so I fumigated, and hopefully I can get back on track.

I’ve kept busy on my end, attending a few shows and working on my stuff.  Tony and I shot the fourth episode of the third season of Martinis with Nick a few weeks ago, and as soon as we figure out how to schedule the fifth, I’ll be ready to release the season.  I’m optimistic about January.

Also, I’ve started work on a new novel, which I’m playing close to the chest at the moment, but I’m looking forward to talking about it in some upcoming posts.  Also, also, two local theaters have expressed interest in one of my shows, which can mean anything from a vicious bidding war to an elaborate ruse to crush my hopes and dreams, but I’ll keep you informed, no matter what.

I really wanted to hop on here to promote a couple of things coming up this weekend.  First, Tiny Dynamite is doing their “A Play, a Pie, and a Pint” thing, again.  Aurora and I went last year to see Kittson O’Neill (of Martinis with Nick fame) perform and loved the hell out of it.  They’re only doing four performances of their new show, Bortle 8, from Thursday to Sunday, so if you haven’t gotten tickets, you should do something about that.

And InterAct Theatre Company is doing its Playwrights Weekend from Friday to Sunday, showcasing the work of four local playwrights, including Emily Acker and Mary Tuomanen from Orbiter 3, and R. Eric Thomas, who won the Barrymore Award in October.  Admission is free for the readings, but you should reserve a seat.

All of this is tenuous, obviously, given our temporal proximity to Saturnalia.  Aurora and I have been invited to three different parties on Saturday night, and we’re not particularly likable people.  I’ll simply suggest that, if at all possible, we should all respect the sentiments of the god, Saturn and take a moment to help out those less fortunate than us.  Namely, playwrights.


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