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Novelist George Filip, doing something unspeakable in a bookstore, somewhere.
Novelist George Filip, doing something unspeakable in a bookstore, somewhere.

Happy Halloween, one and all.  Yes, another holiday shot to hell, punctuated by me shoving candy into the hands of needy urchins.  Do these creatures not realize I’m an introverted writer?  Get off my lawn!

Anyhow, the Barrymore Awards were last week, and sadly, neither of my friends James Christy nor Emma Goidel won Best New Play, and so I see many consolation drinks in our collective future.  The winner was R. Eric Thomas, whom, I’m embarrassed to say, I don’t know at all.  Which is a little weird, because I like to think I’m fairly well-plugged-into the local playwriting scene, but I don’t think I’ve run into Eric at all.  He must drink in different circles.  I must find these circles.  Anyway, congrats to him and Simpatico Theatre Project for producing his play, Time is on Our Side.

In other news, I mentioned previously that my buddy John DiFelice wrote a book called American Zeroes.  Well, in case you need any extra incentive to buy it, he’s giving a reading at Wooden Shoe Books (703 South Street, Philadelphia) at 7 pm tomorrow (Thursday).

And, finally, my friend and novelist George Filip sent me the photo you see above on Monday.  I don’t know why.  You’d think it would be showing off a Halloween costume, but why would he hang out in a bookstore on Halloween?  I guess the immediate answer should be, any day is a good day to hang out in a bookstore, but then why have someone take a photo?  There are more questions than answers here, each one more insidious than the last.  Clearly, I need new friends.


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