In the lobby of the Adrienne

Andrea Sotzing, Kate Herzlin, and Debby Lau, showing off InterAct's new digs.
Andrea Sotzing, Kate Herzlin, and Debby Lau, showing off InterAct’s new digs.

Oh, the joys of visiting InterAct Theatre Company and seeing their current production, The Three Christs of Manhattan, by local playwright Seth Rozin.  I managed to score a half-price ticket for Wednesday night, and ran into old friends Andi Sotzing (who does dubious things at Philadelphia Artists’ Collective but used to do dubious things at the Wilma Theater), Debby Lau (who still does dubious things at the Wilma), and new friend, Kate Herzlin (who does dubious things for InterAct).

I could dissert at length about the show, what I liked about it and what I didn’t, but I don’t feel like it, other than to say that if you’re a playwright in Philly, you should support other Philly playwrights.

What I will say is that this show represents InterAct’s last production in their current venue at the Adrienne Theater.  This is a bittersweet development, because I’ve seen many wonderful shows at the Adrienne, and I have trouble imagining that I may never return to that space, however, I certainly won’t miss having my knees in my chest from the tiny seats or being distracted by the bouncing on the ceiling from the upstairs tenants.

As everyone involved in Philly theater knows by now, InterAct is joining Azuka Theatre, Inis Nua Theater, Simpatico Theatre Project, and PlayPenn in the move to the Drake, which was once the ballroom of the Drake Hotel.  The reason I’m mentioning this now, is that Kate Herzlin was showing off the model of the new digs following InterAct’s show.

It’s one thing to intellectualize a new space, but there’s definitely a visceral oomph from seeing a tiny model with a removable roof and lilliputian, built-to-scale audience members, milling about the miniature lobby, perhaps just returning from the loo and about to visit the wee coffee bar before returning to the theater before intermission ends.  It’s adorable and definitely worth taking a look at if you’re planning to catch Three Christs.  Just be warned, Kate will NOT let you incorporate your own action figures.  She seemed pretty adamant about it.

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