March 2019 play readings

Presenting Mycroft, Prince of the Palace. He’s so black, he’s actually tricky to photograph.

I want to give a quick promotion to my fellow Philadelphia playwrights who are enjoying readings at Theatre Exile this month. Given that the first one is tonight, I should have done this sooner but, well, I didn’t.

All three readings are happening at Theatre Exile’s digs at 1340 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, at 7 pm. The schedule is:

Jacqui Goldfinger: Monday, March 11

James James: Monday, March 18

Bruce Graham: Monday, March 25

You might recall Jacqui and Graham from episodes of Martinis with Nick. Coincidentally, I was also supposed to interview James, but I had to cancel, and then he had to cancel, and then rescheduling got too difficult. If we ever resurrect the web series, he’ll be at the top of my list.

Really no need for a caption, here.

As you can see, I’ve cleverly added photos of our latest addition, Mycroft, to distract you from my blogging tardiness. Because pictures of greyhounds make everything better.

Mycroft has quickly learned where all the best sunbeams are.

He’s been with us since August, and it was a little touch-and-go for a while, but here we are, seven months in, and he’s finally transitioning from “dog” to “buddy.” It’s been over a year since Hades passed, and it’s nice to have a buddy, again. As I’ve been typing this, he’s wandered into my study to look out the window and make sure all is as it should be in the driveway. I look forward to enjoying the front porch with him, a cup of coffee, and a fresh notebook. Hopefully, I will convince him to help me with my spelling, because things really have gotten lax around here.

This is often how Mycroft sleeps. I don’t know how he expects us to take him seriously.