The Lost City of the Metal Men

Nifty Brandenburger is the best goddam mechanic in Saylie, Pennsylvania, and to prove it, she catches the train to Chicago to weld together an exhibit for the 1933 World’s Fair. But when an army of mechanical monsters busts up the fairgrounds, pinches a new-fangled robot, and kidnaps the famous inventor, himself, Nifty’s engineering prowess is enlisted to save his sorry skin. Firefights with Tommy guns. Harrowing flights around the world. The mystery of a French space program, abandoned in the 1880s. The Fair promised a brighter tomorrow, but what we got is a world going to hell in a hand basket, and the only one who can save the day is a dame with a tool belt, a pair of steel-tipped boots, and one helluva chip on her shoulder.

The Lost City of the Metal Men is a spunky, 91,000-word adult science fiction adventure that harkens back to the classic pulp stories of the 1930s (in the vein of Doc Savage and Buck Rogers), but with a modern tone and sensibility. Imagine if Dale Arden and Hans Zarkov were smooshed into a single protagonist, and her full-time job was rescuing a functionally-alcoholic Flash Gordon.