The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel


The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel is a drama in one act without intermission with four characters:  ZOEY 1 (female, late twenties), ZOEY 2 (female, late twenties), RACHEL (female, late twenties), CLAIRE (female, late twenties).


Zoey is a time traveler.  Her girlfriend, Claire, is dying from brain cancer, and Zoey has spent decades reliving the same three years…the period between Claire’s diagnosis and her death.

There are problems.  The loop is never quite the same each time she travels through it.  Sometimes Claire elects for chemotherapy; sometimes it’s radiation.  The songs on the radio are never the same.  And most unsettlingly, Zoey’s relationship with Claire changes with each iteration.

She turns to her friend, Rachel, who is working on a dissertation on time travel movies.  Piecing together bits of logic from movie plots, Zoey tries to figure out what’s happening to her, but it all unravels when she unexpectedly meets a very bitter and vindictive version of herself.

Instinctively, Zoey jumps back again to when Claire is first diagnosed, but now it’s completely different.  The events are the same, but the relationship between Claire and Zoey is in tatters, and Claire leaves her, cheating Zoey of her one and only comfort: nursing the love of her life.

In a universe of endless possibilities, it’s impossible to have the same relationship twice…even if all the players are the same.  Zoey must rethink her definitions of love and sacrifice, and her next jump in time is in an unexpected direction.


  • Theatre Exile, Philadelphia, 2007


Script Sample

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