Season Three of Martinis with Nick

In case you haven’t heard, Season Three of my groundbreaking web series, Martinis with Nick, went live between Christmas and New Year’s.  That’s five action-packed interviews with some of Philadelphia’s coolest and most enigmatic theater artists, replete with saucy foods, smooth cocktails, and vernacular splendor.  Also, Mark Knight juggles potatoes.

So, if you haven’t already, go binge on entertaining and occasionally insightful interviews with Seth Reichgott, Michele Volansky, Howard Shapiro, Dan Hodge, and Mark Knight.  And if you’ve already seen them, go watch them again.  I’m sure you missed something.  There are deeper levels, trust me.  Secret messages to the Illuminati and whatnot.

I’ve been slacking off on the reporting of my recent theatergoing, but I feel the need to close this post with a photo from my cousin’s student production at the University of Penn.  2017 was a rough year, and her tiny hats always make me feel better.

The playwright, Anastasia Hutnick (center), flanked by her sisters and photobombed by her cousin.