Snowglobe closes

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Snowglobe has come and gone, and my head is reeling from the craziness.  Thanks again to one and all for pitting your smarty talents against Mother Nature’s obstacles and South Street’s parking catastrophe.

First, some corrections.  Mandy didn’t hurt her foot last week; she hurt her abdomen.  Yes, her abdomen.  She pulled something during the Saturday night performance and then exasperated it the next day during her exercise regimen, resulting in a trip to the ER and a canceled performance on Sunday.  Luckily, she was feeling well enough to do the Industry Night show on Monday, and by Thursday, she was doing cartwheels and squat thrusts, neither of which was required for the show, or anything else, really, if you think about it.

Second correction: the stage was eleven feet in diameter.  Wacky.  And believe me, they used every square inch of it.

Charlotte didn’t hurt anything that I’m aware of.  Bill almost hurt me once or twice, but that doesn’t count.

There was much reflection in the bar afterward, as there often is following a closing.  The thing everyone noticed was how comfortable Mandy and Charlotte got with the parts and how well they were clicking with one another.  It’s a tough script, no doubt.  Over an hour of stage time for both of them, no exits, just batteries of dialectical argument mixed with curious humor and some peculiar stage directions.  But by the end, they were “playing,” and it was great to see.  They confided to me that there was layered stuff in the script they didn’t catch until the final week.  That’s probably giving me too much credit, but who am I to correct them?

So, I’ll be doing some final rewrites over the next couple of weeks, soliciting opinions from the director and the actors, and sending the script off into the world, in search of further adventures.  If anyone who saw the show has any thoughts, feel free to post here or send me an email.  Thanks again, everyone.

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