Phindie Critics’ Awards recognizes Snowglobe!

Phindie released its list of Critics’ Awards last week, and Snowglobe was listed as a runner-up for Best New Play!

And while it’s all well and good to gripe that my play didn’t actually win, I’ll hasten to point out that Paula Vogel was also a runner-up.  I’ll take that kind of rejection ten times a week.

Special congrats to my two actors, Charlotte Northeast and Amanda Schoonover, who took honors for other shows.  Charlotte took Best Actor (Female) for her performance in Mary Stewart, produced by the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective, and Mandy performed in Skin and Bone, produced by Azuka Theatre, which won Best New Play.

While I’m at it, congrats to playwright Jackie Goldfinger, who wrote Skin and Bone.  She’s a colleague and a friend, and moreover, nine different kinds of talented.  If you don’t know her stuff, you should check it out here:

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  1. Bob Fritz Avatar
    Bob Fritz


    1. Thanks, Bob. Yeah, particularly in light of Snowglobe’s ineligibility for the Barrymore Awards, it’s nice that it got recognition from the critic community.

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