The Buzz from San Francisco

Breakfast in San Francisco.

So, I returned from my excursion to the West Coast to celebrate the opening of the latest iteration of The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel. And, I’m exceedingly pleased to report, it went smashingly well. The acting, directing, set/costume/lighting/sound design….all top-notch. And I’m not the only one to think so:

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Opening night in San Francisco.

Special thanks to Artistic Director Sam Tillis for pulling this thing together, and to Promotional Goddess Hannah St. John (which I’m convinced is a totally-made-up name) for cajoling so many people into showing up. Naturally, I need to thank the cast, production team, and Director Anna Smith for all their hard work, but I want to give a special shout out to Arashi Cesana (sorry it took me so long to get your name right), Katie Whitcraft (gorgeous loft, Katie), Jacinta Sutphin (thanks for all the free wine and coffee), and Annie Tillis (looking forward to splitting a bottle of vodka with you, someday). I enjoyed a whole week of warm-and-fuzzies, and I have the welcoming of Quantum Dragon Theatre to thank for that.


And I want to thank our good friends, Derek Noonburg and Maureen Kilkeary, for promoting the play, putting us up for a few days, schlepping us to a couple of vineyards, and introducing us to the feral chickens of Petaluma, California. No, really. That’s something that’s out there.

Aurora with the feral chickens of Petaluma.