The Do’s and Don’t of Time Travel opening this Friday

Actors Miranda Reilly and Kitty Torres

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve been mysteriously absent from my blog, lately.  Chalk it up to a new job, a new dog, and plenty of writing projects to keep me busy.

Shortly, I’ll be updating everyone on my progress selling my novel, The Lost City of the Metal Men, though there isn’t a terrible amount to announce other than waiting and more waiting and more waiting, still.  Of slightly more interest is my outline for the sequel, but I’ll save that for another post, as well.  Of much more importance is the absence of any photos of our new greyhound, Mycroft.  Rest assured, this oversight will certainly be corrected shortly.

For now, let me confine my blathering to reminding everyone that my West Coast premiere opens this Friday, January 11.  I’m happy to report that opening night is sold out, which is good, because I would hate for me and Aurora to be sitting in the audience all by ourselves.  And to allay any suspicion that I’m making this whole adventure up, there’s an article in today’s edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.  

So, again, if anyone is in the Bay Area over the next few weeks, stop in and check out the show.  You can get tickets on Quantum Dragon Theatre’s website.  Except for opening night.  Because we’re that cool.