The Society that Shall Not be Named

Well-fed novelists Nicholas Wardigo, Kelly Sarabyn, Maribel Garcia, and George Filip.
Well-fed novelists Nicholas Wardigo, Kelly Sarabyn, Maribel Garcia, and George Filip.

Last week, Aurora stepped out of town for some knitting-related tomfoolery, so I decided to invite my degenerate novelist friends over for some stuffed pork loin.  These are the freaks that I met at Push to Publish about this time last year, and we’ve gotten together a few times since and been generally supportive of one another’s writing efforts.  The biggest issue we have as a group is our name.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to keep referring to them as things like “degenerate novelist friends,” but that will quickly go awry if we want secret handshakes or customized license plates.

In fact, we may or may not be a secret society which is something I may or may not discuss, assuming that such a farfetched abstraction could possibly exist.  George may or may not have spent a surprising amount of time constructing what may or may not be a Charter for said probably-fictitious organization.  In between mouthfuls of grilled pork loin (stuffed with chèvre, walnuts, and dried cranberries), Maribel’s delicious veggie-and-potato salad, Kelly’s unearthly bread pudding, and George’s excellent wine, we, in all likelihood, did NOT discuss what the name of our potentially-nonexistent group should be.  Options may or may not have been presented.  Pros and cons may or may not have been discussed.  I think I CAN say that decoder rings might be in our future.

Since I already mentioned it, let me take this opportunity to make sure all of my rapt readers are aware that Push to Publish 2015 is right around the corner (October 10 at Rosemont College).  I’ve discussed this conference at some length before, but in short, I like it because it’s small, it’s intimate, it’s only one day long, it’s relatively inexpensive, and your admission cost includes lunch and bagels.  Everybody loves bagels.

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