Upcoming fiction events: Fall 2014

There are two very exciting local events coming up over the next six weeks, and if you have any interest in writing fiction (or even non-fiction or memoir), you might want to take a look.

9/21/14: Pitchapalooza, located at Main Point Books, 1041 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA.  This isn’t too different from the Writer’s Digest Conference Pitch Slam, except that instead of ninety seconds to pitch your book, you have sixty seconds, and instead of pitching to an agent, you’re pitching to an agent and an audience of, presumably, other writers.  This sounds way more scary, and I feel a bit like a kid boarding the tallest roller coaster in the park.  Why would anybody want to do such a terrifying thing?  Well, it’s an opportunity to get feedback on your pitch, and the winner of the competition gets an introduction with an appropriate agent, which I’m hoping will involve a latte, martini, or really good beer.  If you’re interested in pitching, there is a registration process, and you should check out Main Point Books’ website for details.  If you’re interested in watching me and a bunch of other writers try to squash their books into sixty seconds without throwing up or sounding like an idiot, just show up.  And if you can’t, you should visit Main Point, anyway.  Independent bookstores are the coelacanth of the industry, and I’d like to see this one run for a very long time.

10/11/14: Push to Publish conference, located at Rosemont College, 1400 Montgomery Avenue, Rosemont, PA.  I attended this conference last year and had a blast; it’s what prompted me to attend the Writer’s Digest Conference last month.  The vibe is different, though.  Whereas the WDC was an intense three days, PtP is a bit more laid-back.  It’s only one day long (unless you take advantage of one of the pre-conference events), and instead of the Pitch Slam setup, there’s something they call “Speed Dating,” where you can sign up to meet an agent of your choice for, I believe, a nine-minute pitch session.  It’s not as thrilling as the ninety-second, daredevil, seat-of-your-pants novel-pushing of the Pitch Slam, but if you can chat with the right agent, it might be more valuable.  And, you’ll be less prone to vomiting.

If anyone is interested in either event, let me know.  I hope I’ll see you there.

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