Martinis with Nick

All right, then.

The super-secret project I’ve been teasing for the last two months has finally seen the light of day in a flurry of public reaction that rivals VE Day, the first moon landing, and the revelation that Vader is Luke’s father.

My new project is called Martinis with Nick, and if you hop over to that site now, you can check out the trailer and see what the fuss is about.  The short of it is, it’s a web series in which I cook lunch for five of Philadelphia’s theater artists, mix a pitcher of martinis, and eat and drink with them while I ask them questions about being professional artists.  What can possibly go wrong?  The questions run the gambit between insightful and insipid, but in the end, it might be worth watching just to see languid shots of me stuffing a squid.  A squid, damn it!  That’s a cephalopod!  Look it up!

Special thanks to Tony Sortino for helping me out with the camera, sound, lights…mostly everything one needs to create a web series.  I mean, without Tony, this would just be me drinking with people in my dining room.  Which is no bad thing but, you know, if a tree falls in a forest…

Tony owns HopHound Productions, and if you’re hosting a beer-related event, you should give him lots of money to handle all the non-fun stuff.

Also thanks to Jim Speer for writing and performing my theme song.  If you dig his song, you should check out his band, Broadside Electric, and give him lots of money.

Also also thanks to my guests, in order of appearance: Amanda Schoonover, Marguerite Price, Jacqueline Goldfinger, David O’Connor, and Charlotte Northeast.  I’d tell you to give them lots of money, too, but they’re theater artists, and you should know that, already.

The first episode airs next Monday (April 27), and I hope you’ll check it out.  It’s going to be a fun ride.

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