Readings update

Two quick thing to share this morning in the wonderful world of Philadelphia play readings.

First, I want to update my post from last week.  I didn’t know whose play would be read at Plays and Players tomorrow night, and I found out that it’s John O’Hara, which is not the same John O’Hara who gave us Appointment in Samarra and Pal Joey.  This John O’Hara was one of the Brick Playhouse denizens back in the day, and he made something of a name for himself in writing children’s plays.  I am assured that tomorrow night’s play is not a children’s play, so I’m looking forward to seeing what John has been cooking lately.

Second, it’s come to my attention that Azuka Theatre is reading Jacqui Goldfinger’s play tonight at the Wilma.  Yeah, I know that’s short notice, but I figure that since it’s Martin Luther King Day, you probably aren’t doing anything anyway.  Also, it’s at 7 pm, which is a little early for the theater crowd, but I guess they want to squeeze in more drinking afterward.  Anyway, Jacqui has given us a couple of troubling stories about the South, most notably the terrible girls and Skin and Bone, and this promises to be every bit as upsetting.  Hooray!


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